***July 2016*** MVP Catalyst and Axiom Thrill New Releases

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***July 2016*** MVP Catalyst and Axiom Thrill New Releases

Set to hit stores in July, MVP and Axiom have announced their new additions to the GYRO family: The MVP 23mm Catalyst and the Axiom 21.5mm Thrill. We here at Daddy Disc Golf had the opportunity to get our hands on both of these new molds before they are set to hit stores. The Catalyst we tested was 173 grams and the Thrill was 174 grams.

Check out the video from the field tests: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S3TWRco_TQ

According to MVP "The Catalyst is a perfect starter for big distance. Its stability profile lends itself to being incredibly useful even when underpowered. Catalyst is significantly less understable (more stable) than its 21.5mm counterpart, the Orbital. High power throwers will be able to control rollers, sky anhyzers, and tight turns, while average to low power players will get easy distance with great glide, and a power responsive amount of turn-to-straight. The Catalyst is molded with the same core and nice even dome as the Octane, yielding extra glide for maximum distance shots."

The Catalyst was love at first throw. It can be thrown with low power to achieve great distance or you can crank on it to get those long turnover shots you have been desiring. You higher power throwers out there will also enjoy the beautiful hyzer flip shots this mold provides. This disc is set to debut in MVP's Neutron plastic. If you have had the opportunity to throw the MVP Octane, the Catalyst is a faster and in our opinion, more understable version of that disc. Those of you who have already fell in love with the Wave will have another disc in contention to take its spot as well. Huge props to MVP for another terrific disc that I know will add distance to every players game. After all, is distance not what most of us desire? 

Next up to the testing block was the Axiom Thrill. According to Axiom, "The Thrill is the overstable bomber of the Axiom 21.5mm distance driver trio. The Thrill will be workably overstable for just about any arm, with strong resistance to turn even in strong headwinds. Thrill is designed to fall in stability between the MVP Phase and Photon 21.5mm distance drivers."

Axiom was not kidding when they said this disc has a "strong resistance to turn". Go ahead and try to turn this bad boy over. If you do, please send us a video! For you big arm players looking to get that dependable meat hook of a disc, the Thrill is the Axiom's answer to that prayer. This disc will debut in Neutron plastic as well. We were able to throw this disc on a huge anhyzer and it came back every time. If you have a tight turn to get around or you are looking for that big hyzer spike line, this is the disc you want to add to your bag. For big arms and slower arms alike, this disc will not let you down in the stability market. 

Daddy Disc Golf will have these discs ready to be purchased as soon as they are out. Axiom has contracted Skulboy to designed a great stamp for the Thrill that we're sure collectors are going to be all about. The Thrill will also be released in the 2016 "1616 Edition" stamp that everyone has been raving about. Please visit us again soon to make sure you snag yours on release day!


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