MVP Proton Catalyst and Axiom Proton Defy Test Video

MVP Proton Catalyst and Axiom Proton Defy Test Video

This is an official test video of the MVP Proton Catalyst and The Axiom Proton Defy. The Catalyst was 168g and the Defy was 156g.


See Video HERE: Test Video

MVP Describes the Catalyst as: "a perfect starter for big distance. Its stability profile lends itself to being incredibly useful even when underpowered. Catalyst is similar to a longer Wave. High power throwers will be able to control rollers, sky anhyzers, and tight turns, while average to low power players will get easy distance with great glide, and a power responsive amount of turn-to-straight. The Catalyst is molded with the same core and nice even dome as the Octane, yielding extra glide for maximum distance shots."

My Thoughts:
Having thrown this disc in 173, the 168 was an excellent addition to my lineup. I will continue to agree with this disc being dubbed the "longer Wave". For arms of every speed, this disc will allow you to achieve a nice turn and some big distance. If you like this disc in the neutron, you will love it in proton as well.

Axiom describes the Defy as: "Straight with a nice bite of overstability at the end, and is best described as a heavily seasoned MVP Photon or a longer Axiom Crave. Like the Crave the Defy exhibits remarkable resistance to turnover even at high power. Players seeking a long straight power driver will appreciate the line-locking tendencies of the Defy, and throwers not fully powering the Defy will still get a highly useable long overstable disc."

My thoughts:
WOW. This disc is surprisingly stable for being only 156 grams. I expected to turn this disc over like crazy and have to rely on finesse to get it to do what I wanted but that was not the case. I was able to put a lot of power into this mold and it resisted a lot of turn. This disc is a straight flyer that will take less effort to get it to go far. Having smaller hands, I really like the way this disc fits into my hand. The plastic alone and the metal flake in the gyro is reason enough to fall in love with this disc.


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